Orlando Fringe 2016 Review: Chocolate Cake

By : Nicole Dudenhoefer
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chocolate cake

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Toasted Theatre Company Presents: Chocolate Cake
Purple venue, find showtimes

Chocolate Cake follows the story of Marsha and Marty, aka the Modern Day Marthas, and their quest for fame and fortune via YouTube.

As Marsha continues to obsess over the best formula for Internet stardom, she finds her recipe for success doesn’t go to plan.

The tone of the play is set as Marsha neurotically explains during a monologue why she has become obsessed with Martha Stewart and how she has been trying to capture her attention for years.

Before the sisters begin recording, Marty finds an email from the real Martha Stewart offering a segment on her show, but only for Marsha. Unable to skip ahead, the audience must watch all the way through filming before they can see Marty confront her sister on the twisted reason why.

Overall the production is simple, both in storyline and setup, which is true to traditional Martha style. The play’s only resources are two actresses, two tables, a Mac, and baking and beauty supplies. The small arrangement of the venue fits well with the concept of two sisters struggling to put together YouTube videos.

The show drags on at some parts and could use a few edits, like any video tutorial. But once the pressure to be perfect becomes too much for Marsha she assaults her sister in a way that will have viewers wishing for an instant replay, as she smacks Marty with an egg, causing her sister to finally crack.

Some say revenge is a dish best served cold, but for Marty payback is as sweet as chocolate cake.

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