2016 Orlando Fringe Review: The Animatronicans

By : Rick Claggett
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The Animatronicans
Yellow venue, find showtimes

Hilarious! Stop reading this review and buy your tickets now before the shows sell out! I’ll wait.

The Animatronicans is the latest work from the brilliantly comedic mind of Jeff Jones, directed by multi-talented Michael Wanzie and star-studded with the talents of Doug Ba’aser, Jeff Jones, James Keaton, Janine Klein and Josh Siniscalco.

Imagine a world where animatronic theme park characters live together in a Golden Girls style sit-com featuring the 16th president, an imaginative finder of dreams, a Norwegian polar bear and the dad from a rotating theater. The show opens with a not-so-typical theme park operator spiel, delivered by Janine Klein, as if the show is a ride itself.  Before a word is spoken the audience is laughing in unison and it doesn’t let up for the entire show. Each cast member is a dead ringer for the character they “completely coincidentally” portray but it is worth mentioning Doug Ba’aser’s performance as the father from the rotating theater is fantastic and Josh Siniscalco as Abraham Lincoln is so perfectly animated you will wonder if he is even human at all.

Whether you love theme parks or hate them, The Animatronicans is the show to see. The talent and wit behind this production is very likely to end up a Patron’s Pick. You won’t want to miss it.

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