Orlando 2016 Fringe Review: Magic, Music and a little Mayhem

By : Danny Garcia
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Magic, Music and a little Mayhem
Pink venue, find showtimes

A light hearted musical and magical collaboration brings you Magic, Music and a little Mayhem. Showcasing the talents from Fretless Rock and Magic & Mayhem – both well known and established entertainment groups in the area.

The show features magic acts from large scale illusions to the slight of hand tricks to those involving audience participation, all set to a string trio playing familiar tunes and original orchestrations.

Without any dialogue, the music and pantomime convey the sentiment of the various acts.

Of course this being a tech preview, there was some little bit of unscripted mayhem when ChaChing, the show’s bunny mascot, made an appearance before he was supposed to, but nothing detrimental to the show. If anything, it added additional laughs. But we’re sure when W.C. Fields said never work with animals and children, he would’ve changed his tune when he saw the adorable puff of white fur that’s ChaChing.

Often Fringe shows take themselves to extremes, whether it’s a drama or a comedy – sometimes some acts try too hard and it makes it seem like they’re just not trying at all. This show featured two groups working together displaying their passions: music and magic.

Magic, Music and a little Mayhem is at the pink venue and tickets are available for $10 – CDs of the music were available for sale, too.

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