Orlando Fringe 2016 Review: Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump

By : Nicole Dudenhoefer
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Orlando Fringe presents: Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump
Gold venue, find showtimes

Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump remixes the comedic (and somewhat terrifying) statements made behind the presumptive GOP nominee’s podium with hip-hop, rap and R&B to produce a show that is certain to spark laughter and a desire to run to the polls on Election Day.

While making fun of the absurd circumstance that a reality TV star has become a serious political contender, the show also parodies the critically- acclaimed Broadway play Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

At the start of Simpleton, protesters are divided on the best liberal candidate for the 2016 presidential election. Together they agree that “Anyone but Trump” must win. Eventually the protesters band together to “Hamilton” the current political landscape through raps and choreography so that the public will pay attention.

Throughout the play we see strong performances from other Republican politicians, Marco Rubio (Nathan Bonk), Dr. Ben Carson (Eduardo A. Rivera) and Mike Huckabee (Skyler Knopp), as they flow through their verses and realize one-by-one that they simply cannot align themselves with Donald Trump’s (Fredy Ruiz) ideologies.

As Trump continues dominate the competition and gain power in this bizarre world, he comes to face his biggest enemy: Rosie O’Donald (Cherry Hamlin). As Rosie takes on the Riveter role to protect liberal rights, we see the immoral and insane lengths Trump goes to in order to remain on top.

In between the comedic rhymes, Simpleton makes the audience consider matters that are truly endangered if Trump is elected: immigration, women’s rights and LGBT issues.

During these moments the show urges the audience not to follow what seems to be Trump’s motto, “Think less, talk more” by posing the question: “Who is going to stop the madman?”

While Simpleton is based on true events, the producers hope what happens on the stage, stays on the stage and their show will not come to be based on reality.

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