Issue 23.08: Orlando City Pride Soccer

By : Jake Stevens
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A new goal : The Orlando Pride brings women into the city’s soccer craze, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 23.08 // April 7-20, 2016

On the Cover | Page 34
Gooooooaaaaal: Central Florida’s soccer craze is about to get even bigger as the City Beautiful introduces you to some Orlando Pride.

A walk around the lake | Page 13
The crowds gathered at Lake Eola for the 21st Annual Orlando AIDS Walk by Hope & Help.

Tampa Bay News | Page 16
“There’s this archaic law on the Florida books that says that a biological male and a biological female cannot live in the same quarters together unless they are married, but the way that Florida law defines gender is by genitals, so trans people end up falling through the cracks.” —New College student Raina Senae

Pride announcement | Page 21
St. Pete Pride announces their official grand marshals as voted by the Tampa Bay area.

freeFallin’ | Page 43
freeFall Theatre’s Matthew McGee fills you in on what’s new for the upcoming season.

Let’s talk about poems, baby | Page 47
Orlando poet Derrick Austin likes to write about all the beautiful things that make you uncomfortable.

Uprisings | Page 62
North Carolina’s HB 2 ain’t nothin’ but a hate bill, and Donald Trump shows that numbers are hard to remember.

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