March Madness: Ultimate LGBT Icon SEMIFINALS

By : Jamie Hyman & Jeremy Williams
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All right readers, we’re getting down to the wire. Last round, you narrowed 16 contenders for the Ultimate LGBT Icon into a scant eight. Two from each category remain: Divas, Film, Television and Sports & Politics.

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(as always, right click and open bracket in new tab to see it larger)

Adam Lambert vs. Better Midler
From a distance this section seemed like a lock for the ladies as some of the biggest names in gay culture, past and present, were hanging out. With the likes of Cher, Madonna, Adele and Lady Gaga who knew that the biggest competitor in the game would be Adam Lambert? Lambert has easier won in each of his match ups but can he continue that momentum as he battles Bette Midler? In a razor-thin contest, Midler eked out a victory against Elton John to make it into the semi-finals but will she be any match for Adam and his Glamberts?

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Ian McKellan vs. Barbra Streisand
This was clearly a category where age and wisdom had the upper hand. Ian McKellan has handily bested both Ellen Page and Jodie Foster and is ready to be the LGBT Icon of Film but first he must get past Barbra Streisand, who is Sir Ian’s first match up against a true triple threat. Babs can sing, she can make us laugh and most importantly for this category, she can act.

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Ellen DeGeneres vs. RuPaul
Television has become an ultimate medium for LGBT personalities and these two are at the top of that list. Ellen is the queen of daytime TV. She is in the living room of millions of people everyday making them laugh and cry with her wit and generosity. RuPaul is the queen of TV drag and sashays into the living room of millions of drag race fans each week. While this match up seems better suited for a dance off, the real winner here is decided by you.

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Harvey Milk vs. President Obama
The category is Sports & Politics, but it appears Watermark readers prefer their icons political. Athletes Billie Jean King and Greg Louganis were knocked out last round leaving us with two of the biggest names in politics that fought for LGBT rights. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay person to be elected to a public office in 1978 in California and was one of the most vocal for equal rights. President Obama has shown that he is a champion for gay rights. While Obama has been in office we have ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and have gotten the right to marry. That’s pretty iconic to us.

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