2016 Watermark Reader Valentines

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Watermark readers are a loving bunch – at least that’s how it seems each year when we ask for your Valentine’s Day greetings.

You delivered in a very big way this this year, and we’re happy to showcase so many happy couples in our midst. 

To: Nick
From: Thom
Valentine’s message: You will always be in my heart.

To: Bobby
From: Richard
Valentine’s message: Happy Valentine’s Day to the man I have loved for 31 years.

To: Gaetan Gravel Edwards
From: Jim Edwards
Valentine’s message: We have it All, My Wonderful Husband!

To: Michael Better
From: Frank Davis Simpson
Valentine’s message:
We pace upon mountains overhead
And hide our faces among a crowd of stars

To: Troy
From: Dave
Valentine’s message: Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life! You are my soulmate and complete me in every way. I love you!!!!

To: Brenda
From: Ajay
Valentine’s message: I’m so glad you are in my life !!!! Happy Valentine’s Day ! I love you!!!!! ❤

To: Roy Swails
From: Ron Holmes
Valentine’s message: You are an amazing man. I love you more each day as we grow older together.

To: Mary, Kem, Jen, Pauline, Tammi, Lisa, Patti, Betsy
From: Nicole Dermody
Valentine’s message: Happy Valentine’s to the best bunch of ladies this side of the Mississippi! Thanks for sharing your rainbow, laughs and love with me! Love Always, Nicole and Cinnamon Jones

To: Robert Carner
From: Ken Terrell
Valentine’s message: Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you with all my heart.

To: Ron
From: Jesse
Valentine’s message: After 15 years together and 2 kids, you still drive me nutz! Will you be my valentine?

To: Drew Dalire
From: Alan Ostrander
Valentine’s message: Happy 14th year together, D2! I love you as much as when we first met, and can’t wait to see what adventures the next 14+ years brings us!

To: Chris Brown
From: Daniel Sergi
Valentine’s message:
Ilmiocuoreappartiene a te!
Ti amotantotantotanto!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

To: Brittany M
From: Ashley M
Valentine’s message: I love you more than words can express. The best years are yet to come!

To: Matt
From: Jamie
Valentine’s message: Roses are red, violets are blue. You are an awesome husband, now you’re an awesome dad, too. I love you as big as the sky. Happy Valentine’s Day!

To: Brian Cahill
From: Mike Shaver
Valentine’s message: Happy Valentines! You changed my life 19 years ago and gave me the gift of living each day in joy and happiness. I love you. JMS

To: Missy
From: Sondra
Valentine’s message: Can’t wait to spend another Valentine’s day with you! Just think… this time next year… You’ll be my wifey!

To: Jen West
From: Tatiana Quiroga
Valentine’s message: I love you, baby!! Thank you for making all my dreams come true.

To: Bayou Basher, Tiger Beatdown, IvannaCrushyu, and Pumelgranite
From: Slam Adams
Valentine’s message: I miss your beautiful faces. Wish I was out there bruising the fine ladies of OPCDG with you!

To: Terry DeCarlo
From: Bill Huelsman
Valentine’s message: Happy Valentines Day and Happy 13th 1st Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life soulmate. I Love You Baby!!!!

To: Carlos Archilla
From: Mark Cady
Valentine’s message: This year I marry my best friend and the most incredible man on Earth I love you more with each moment and can’t wait to become Mr. Archilla-Cady. I’m your man and you are mine.

To: Paul
From: Geri
Valentine’s message: I love you more now than I did way back then…

To: Alex
From: Hank
Valentine’s message: I didn’t believe I’d ever find love again and then you came along. Thank you for being such a wonderful and big part of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart. Love you.

To: Tiffany Wilkie
From: Heather Wilkie
Valentine’s message: To my beautiful, creative, loving and patient partner in crime. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to spend another year with my best friend. I love you, my Pisces fish. Happy Valentine’s Day!

To: Betty Potts-Cerio
From: Melinda Pott-Cerio
Valentine’s message: Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! I’m so lucky to be able to spend my life with the woman I love. I love you the most!!

To: Tony Mauss
From: Billy Manes
Valentine’s message: My blackstar, my pop star, my rock (star) and my favorite person in the world, you’ve single handedly shifted the axis of my existence, playing all of the existential parts from dissonance to an oft-surprising harmony. Thanks for taking care of me and letting me take care of you. Happy first anniversary, and happy Valentine’s Day. “Valentine told me how he’d feel, if all the world were under his heel.” I love you.

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