Meet the Intern: Adam Manno

By : Adam Manno
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Hey there! I’m Adam and I’m Watermark’s Spring 2016 intern.


I ran the InternPursuit event at UCF (found: a picture of me with said event, not found: a retoucher with a soul), where Watermark interviewed journalism students hoping to find The Best Intern in the World. I sat down with Rick (Claggett, publisher) and Jamie (Hyman, Digital Media Director) last minute as an unscheduled interviewee. They loved me and I loved them. Now here I am typing into a computer screen between a “Hate Free Zone” sticker and a series of Best Website WAVE awards.


I’m 20 years old and a third-year journalism and political science student. I like to travel almost as much as I like to argue. I’m usually either asleep, shelving books at the UCF library, watching Veep, in class, watching Veep in class, or in another city. At left is a picture of the University’s Model UN team in Chicago.



Among my passions are art, LGBT+ rights, poverty alleviation, feminism, and indie movies. If you’re ever at the Enzian and someone is being a hot mess in the back, just wave because it’s probably me.



I was born in New York and raised while being shuffled between the Dominican Republic and South Florida. My dad is Pakistani and my mom is Dominican, so I think I’m the only Paki-Dominican in circulation. Yes, you may pet me. No, I can’t speak Urdu. No, they don’t speak Arabic or Hindi in Pakistan.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to round out the semester with Watermark on my resume!

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