Issue 23.02: Weed the People

By : Jake Stevens
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Weed the People: Melissa Etheridge on medical marijuana, music and politics, local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 23.02 // January 14-27, 2016

On the Cover | Page 27
Weed the people: Musician Melissa Etheridge talks up medical marijuana dispensaries in advance of her Florida performances. Keep it precious, indeed.

The sweetest confection | Page 8
Local entrepreneurs Kelly Smith and Kim Adams are ready to play games with your taste-buds at their new sweet shop, Smith & Adams in Orlando.

Trans-action | Page 10
Pine View, a grades 2-12 magnet school in Osprey, Fla., is now the first school in Sarasota County to pass a transgender student inclusive bathroom policy thanks to 17-year-old transgender student Nate Quinn.

Ladyfingers | Page 17
Real Radio News Junkie Sabrina Ambra debuts her opinion column. She has a thing or two to say about unwanted advances from straight guys. Beware!

High Times | Page 23
The constitutional amendment proposal for medical marijuana has been revised and rebooted. Aim high!

Stand in the place that you live | Page 46
Supporters of Planned Parenthood call foul on the Florida Legislature for pushing anti-abortion bills that could have extremely punitive effects on women. Legislators, meanwhile, smile and say nothing.

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