Watermark readers respond: HRC endorses Hillary Clinton

By : Jamie Hyman
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You guys had a lot to say about the Human Rights Campaign’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for U.S. President.

Read a round-up of Watermark reader comments after the jump: 

“Bernie was supporting gay rights as early as 1985 when, as mayor of Burlington, he issued a declaration supporting the city’s pride parade. For decades after that Hillary insisted marriage is a sacred bond between one man and one woman, only changing her mind when it was to her political benefit. Bernie should have gotten that endorsement.” — Chris Murphy

“I loved her comment about the Powerball. Had she won she would’ve kept it all for herself and her campaign. Her generosity goes on. She will pander to anyone that will vote for her.” — Judi Bucholtz

“I respectfully don’t care. I’m voting for truth. Feeling the Bern!” — Anne Parrette

“I like Bernie Sanders a lot! And I think he would be a great Vice President for Mrs Clinton. But he simply does not have the breadth and depth of experience on the global stage that Hillary Clinton brings to the table on day one.” — Brian Bowen

“They can endorse whomever they want. It won’t affect my vote.” — Jeremy Seghers

“She can also get the UL label but she has to be tested at 120 volts first to see if she shorts out.” — Miguel Herrera

“And HRC loses a huge part of its former supporters.” — Dave Natale

“That is bullshit, she didn’t come around until 2013!! Flip Flopper!! I am feeling the Bern!!!” — Patty Duffy

“Is the movement now rejecting allies because they’re late coming to the cause? President Obama was also a latecomer, yet who here will deny the progress made by the LGBT community under his watch? When making an endorsement of someone seeking the most powerful office in the land, thoughtful organizations look beyond the length of time those seeking their endorsement have held the “correct” position on a single issue. They look at the total breadth of the experience that person has that prepares him/her for the office. I care not one whit that Hillary Clinton has only been an LGBT ally since 2013. I believe she is sincere in her commitment to keep moving forward on LGBT rights. I also believe that since Congress is responsible for making law, idealists like Bernie Sanders are much more valuable in the Senate; and a political pragmatist like Hillary Clinton can best serve us in the White House.” –Bill Hirschi
“I think people are just saying when you have the choice, it seems ridiculous to endorse Hillary over Bernie. Simply based on their past and their actions, etc. It’s not that Hillary wasn’t supportive to the GLBT community…. but compared to Bernie, she completely unperformed.” –Jason Jones
“Endorsements should be reserved for the guy who always had your back, not the people who just recently took the knife out of it.” –Dave Natale
“I think a lot of resistance to Hillary comes from LGBT voters unconstrained by identity politics.” –Garrett L. Grainger

“Best chance for Dems to retain WH is with Hillary by far! As far as I’m concerned, the Clintons have always been fully supportive of the GLBT community, despite being politically pressured into DOMA. I look beyond gay issues anyway, and Hillary is and always has been a strong voice for woman, poor, environment, labor, etc.” –Michael Hodges
“And looking beyond DADT.” –Doug Bowser

“More and more we are acting like the Republican Party with our insults and divisiveness. Will we unite like they do after the nominee is decided and put a Democrat in the White House or will we take our toys and refuse to participate. This could crush everything we have accomplished. I hope we wake up and realize this is exactly what they want us to do. #StayUnitedAfterTheFight –Steven Rodriguez
“There’s good reason to contest machine politics.” –Garrett L. Grainger

“I’m sticking with #BernieSanders. I still remember how angry I was when Clinton stood on the Senate floor proclaiming marriage was “a sacred bond between a man and a woman” and then voting for DOMA. I appreciate her recent evolution on our behalf but I question her sincerity. It seems too much like political expediency to me. My husband and I will be voting for Bernie.” –Jim Langford
“In the primary. lol” –Doug Bowser

“She’s got a lot of baggage and is too controversial for my preference. If she wins the nomination I’ll vote for her. I’m not sure she will be any less divisive then our current state of politics. But the idea that she “is the nominee” or that it is “her time” goes against my grain. This isn’t a monarchy. It’s no ones “time”.” –Mark Cady
“Well said Mark!!” –Steven Rodriguez

“I work in a gay bar. What do think about the fact that MOST gay men are planning to vote for Trump. Ugh. I am horrified. Also, a hell of a lot of them do not even know who Bernie even is. Unbelievable, but true.” –Dana McElvy
“THOSE gay men will never leave the bar to find a voting booth. Don’t kid yourself.” –Dave Natale
“Thank goodness. Hope you are right!” –Dana McElvy

“I’m all in for Bernie and have been!” –Gary Peetz

“#FeelTheBern” –David Scott

“Opportunistic.” –Michael Davis

“Anger driven responses. #sad” –James Michael McCracken

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