Bradenton makeup artist makes boy’s dream come true, goes viral

By : Jeremy Williams
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joey killmeyer ethan bradenton makeup artistIt appears to be a faded memory now, but for a hot minute Bradenton hair and makeup artist Joey Killmeyer was going viral.

Killmeyer was visited by Ethan, an eight-year-old with dreams of being a makeup artist, and his mother. Ethan wanted to learn to do drag makeup and is a fan of makeup artist and performer Jeffree Starr, according to Killmeyer’s now deleted Facebook page.

Killmeyer worked with Ethan, showing him on one side of his face how to do the makeup and then allowing Ethan to do the other side of his face himself. A picture of the final product was posted on Killmeyer’s Facebook page and had more than 2,500 shares and nearly 150,000 likes. The post was even shared by Starr himself, but after a day in the sun the page was deleted.

Most of the over 500 comments were positive and encouraged Ethan to be himself and applauded his mother for her support.

After the post went viral, Killmeyer took to Facebook again to advise Facebook to take note that Ethan wants to be a makeup artist and not a drag queen, saying “He is 8 and simply expressing his creativity. I am tired of seeing this spun in the incorrect way. And I do not want Ethan bullied or harassed at school.”

This was Killmeyer’s final post before he deleted his page.

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