Watermark Year in Review: September 2015

By : Jamie Hyman, Billy Manes and Jeremy Williams
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Finally, finally, Kentucky Clerk of Courts Kim Davis ends her 15 minutes of fame. She went out by apparently exaggerating her “meeting” with Pope Francis. Davis’ anti-gay attorney says it was a cozy one-on-one, the Pope’s camp said, nuh-uh! Just a meet-and-greet.

Former Exodus International pariah Alan Chambers releases his autobiography My Exodus, a curiously self-congratulatory collection of memories of not really being honest. Atonement is cute.

Time to find a new alibi! All of St. Pete’s gays gasped in sadness when Georgie’s Alibi announces it’s shutting down. The Facebook post making the announcement said the famed watering hole would be replaced with affordable housing units, and it made us wonder about the state of gay bars in Central Florida and beyond. (Conclusion: We still need gay bars, but maybe not as much as we used to.)

The Zebra Coalition looks out for Central Florida’s LGBT youth, and after the departure of former executive director Dexter Foxworth, the community needed someone to look out for The Zebra Coalition. Heather Wilkie steps up to the plate, bringing with her loads of experience working with survivors of abuse.

400-plus transgender activists and allies converge upon Weston for the 25th anniversary of the Transgender Southern Comfort Conference. Speakers included Broward’s trans teen celebrity Jazz Jennings and Orlando’s Gina Duncan, Equality Florida’s transgender inclusion director.

Equality Florida releases a much-needed transgender resource guide, listing transgender-friendly healthcare and service providers across the state. How do we know it’s much-needed? Because Watermark is contacted on a near-daily basis for doctors or lawyers or others who can provide services while taking into account the unique needs of transgender individuals, that’s how. Thank you, EQFL!

Shadi Petosky, a transgender woman, live-tweets her harrowing experience after being held at the Orlando International Airport. TSA officials informed Petosky her penis was an “anomaly,” as it didn’t match up with her presented gender of female. TSA initially dug in and said they followed policy, then later realized their policy sucks and updated it to make the friendly skies more transgender-friendly.

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