Project No Labels launches return of One Love

By : Jeremy Williams
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The Flamingo Resort will be the new home for Project No Labels’ One Love Party as they re-launch the Tampa Bay event Jan. 16.

One Love Party, which began at FreakiTiki in Clearwater Nov. 2014, was started by Project No Labels founder Claire Eli.

“When I first moved out here from San Diego, I found there weren’t very many options to meet other positive individuals in the community without going out to night clubs. So we began She Runs with Scissors, my first non-profit, geared toward uniting the community through positive activities and events,” Eli says. “It was more for the lesbian community, but when my business partner at the time and I decided to go our separate ways with business, I decided to move forward and create Project No Labels, a nonprofit which would encompass the entire LGBT community, including our straight allies.”

Eli continued the One Love Party at FreakiTiki until November and began expanding into other cities, forming a One Love Party for St. Petersburg at Georgie’s Alibi before they closed their doors in September.

“[With Georgie’s closed] we have decided to move the St. Pete party to the Flamingo and will also be present for One Love Tampa possibly at Liquid in Ybor,” Eli says.

The event will begin at 6:00 P.M. and expects to have more than 200 attendees. Eli will use the event to announce details of other Project No Labels events coming up in 2016.

“I am very optimistic about what’s in store for Project No Labels and our community in 2016,” Eli says.“We’ve had more support than ever from volunteers and local businesses.”

Eli hopes One Love Parties will be the first step in getting Project No Labels recognized in the community as a leader among the non-profits.

“Project No Labels is not about defining who people are by their orientation, skin color or beliefs, it’s about the person’s character and willingness to contribute to the greater community in a positive way,” Eli says.

Along with the One Love Party, Project No Labels will lead volunteer events each month starting in January, as well as produce art shows, organize monthly community events and once a quarter will host Products of Love Campaign.

“Products of Love Campaign will be a Project No Labels signature event that will be for the entire LGBT family including kids,” Eli says. “It will give the families an opportunity to meet other individuals in similar situations.”

For more information on the One Love Party and future No Label Project events visit their Facebook page at

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