Wedding Bells at Watermark: Manny Agon and Nick Kresky

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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WB_NickKresky_MannyAgonEmmanuel “Manny” Agon, who is an Expedia market manager, and Nicholas “Nick” Kresky, who is a team member at Universal Studios Parks and Resorts, first met through their shared love of music as members of the Orlando Gay Chorus at the first rehearsal for the 2010 “Rainbows over Broadway” Spring Concert.

“Our section leader in the Chorus, Sheri, we call her our ‘Sheri Godmother,’ kind of nudged Nick into my direction, knowing that I really liked him. We have a lot to thank Sheri for—for getting us together,” Manny says.

Nick was a new member of the Chorus, having moved to Florida recently from Michigan, and Manny found him cute. Nick was in a relationship when he first joined the Orland Gay Chorus, but Manny waited till that relationship ended and pursued him. After asking a couple times, Nick finally agreed to go on a date with Manny. Their first date was at the Polynesian Resort to watch the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks on July 3, 2012.

They went on more dates – both group date and dates with just the two of them – and their relationship slowly progressed over the years.

“He has a generosity about him – a generous spirit,” Nick says. “With his time and his talent, he gives to the community and he gives to his family. I definitely appreciate that most about him.”

As the years passed, Manny figured it was time to take the next step, especially after same-sex marriage became legal in Florida in January 2015.

“Because we are both mama’s boys, it was important to have our families with us when I popped the question, so coordinating an excuse for both our moms to be in the same place was tricky,” Manny says.

Manny organized a long weekend getaway to Florida for Nick’s mother and stepfather who live in Michigan; Manny’s mother drove up from South Florida. With the help of his sister, Manny organized a beach day at Paradise Beach in Melbourne so that the mothers could meet for the first time. Manny proposed to Nick on the beach in front of their parents, Manny’s sister and brother-in-law.

“It definitely took me by surprise because I wasn’t quite expecting it,” Nick says.

For their wedding, they wanted to incorporate a lot of their story and backgrounds into the ceremony and reception. Nick says that he dreams “everything up, and Manny coordinates it.”

The ceremony will take place at Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College in Winter Park with the reception at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin—where Manny first referred to Nick as his boyfriend in public and has since then been an annual tradition to attend. There will also be an after party at Atlantic Dance at Disney’s BoardWalk.

There will also be a Chinese tea ceremony, where the couple serves tea to family members that are in any generation above you, and the elders would impart wisdom to the newlyweds and also a gift. They also are going to incorporate something in the ceremony to represent Nick’s Polish background.

“I heard somewhere that the way a man treats his mother is how they will treat their future spouse, and I always found it endearing how he holds his family close to his heart,” Manny says. “He’s very family oriented, and that’s something I’m was looking for as well. We are both open to raising kids together, and so we agreed to continue dating because we had very similar goals in life.”

ENGAGEMENT DATE: April 18, 2015
WEDDING DATE: January 16, 2016
WEDDING VENUE: The ceremony will take place at Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College in Winter Park with the reception at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. There will also be an after party at Atlantic Dance at Disney’s BoardWalk.
WEDDING PLANNER: The couple planned their wedding, and Andrea Paoletti, one of Manny’s co-workers, will be the wedding day coordinator.
WEDDING CATERER: All catering—including the Chinese tea ceremony, cocktail hour and reception—and event coordination will be conducted by Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin and Subsonic Event DJs.
WEDDING THEME/COLORS: They have chosen to go with a theme of “apples and oranges” since Nick is from Michigan and Manny is a native Floridian. They decided it was a great representation of celebrating their different backgrounds and upbringings.
INTERESTING FACT: They are both Eagle Scouts and have a strong passion for music.

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