HRO in the works for Pensacola

By : Jamie Hyman
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It looks like Pensacola is headed toward adding a human rights ordinance that would protect its citizens against discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

More than 100 people packed a Nov. 9 workshop discussing the proposed HRO – so many that it had to be moved from a conference room to City Council chambers.

Most of the speakers were in support of the HRO, but there were a number of detractors, notably state representative Mike Hill, whose district includes part of Pensacola.

“Put it on the ballot to really determine if Pensacola is for this radical leftist agenda,” Hill posted to Twitter, in response to a tweet noting the large number of speakers at the workshop.

Councilman Brian Spencer proposed the ordinance at an agenda conference back in September, and it was brought forth at the Sept. 19 council meeting, where a motion was made to schedule the workshop.

So now what?

“It has been handed over to the City Attorney for review, and then it will be brought back. There is no date set yet,” says Pensacola public information officer Vernon Stewart.

According to The Pulse, a Pensacola news website, all but one of the council members is in favor of the HRO, with just Councilman Charles Bare stating that it should be put to a referendum vote.

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