Anti-gay Youtuber calls for death of Chick-fil-A employees

By : Staff Report
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They may hide behind the guise of their polite manners and delicious fast-food service, but Chick-fil-A employees are actually working for the Devil – at least according to one anti-gay activist, Edge Media Network reports.

In a new Youtube video, Theodore Shoebat has sworn off Chick-fil-A for life and called for the death of the restaurant chain’s employees following the decisions of several franchisee’s  to sponsor LGBT-friendly causes in the last year. The company itself has not taken a stance on the matter, only saying that it doesn’t make decisions on local sponsorships. 

But for Shoebat, the actions of these rogue restaurants are something he refuses to stomach.

“Homosexuals are worthy of death and those who support them are worthy of death. So all the people at Chick-fil-A, all the CEOs, the people who are calling the shots at Chick-fil-A, you’re all worthy of death and, in a righteous society, you would be burned at the stake,” Shoebat said.

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