Issue 22.22: Five for Fighting

By : Jake Stevens
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Five for Fighting: Orlando city commisioner Patty Sheehan isn’t going anywhere, Clark makes her mark: Songwriter Brandy Clark emerges from the shadows to grab her spotlight, Amanda Bearse all: original Watermark cover star returns to talk to old friend Tom Dyer, local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 22.22 // Oct. 22-Nov. 4

Coming around (and out) again | Page 13
Orlando’s Come Out With Pride parade and rally prove to be a huge success following a year of controversy and calamity. There were beads. There was music. There were memories. We survived!

Axes and taxes and trees | Page 25
Columnist Jason Leclerc ponders the balance between the utilities local taxes afford us and the conservative mantra of keeping taxes low. This could get ugly.

On the Cover | Page 31
LGBT activist and District 4 City Commissioner Patty Sheehan opens up about why it is that she thinks she should serve a fifth term leading the downtown area, how the breakdown of her romantic relationship played out in the public arena and how that led her to get sober.

Amanda Bearse | Page 37
You can’t have one without the other: Former (and first!) Watermark cover girl Amanda Bearse, ostensibly the first out woman on primetime television, returns to town for Spooky Empire for a Halloween Fright Night reunion. She also spends some time with Watermark owner Tom Dyer. Old friends, then!


Country cool | Page 43
Singer-songwriter Brandy Clark brings her personal storytelling to life in Clearwater and Melbourne following a string of high-profile songwriting credits. She wrote for Reba!

The politics of chancing | Page 62
Our political column Uprisings has a bit of a head explosion at the notion that there is a municipal election in Orlando on Nov. 3, and at least one candidate is buying his way through it. Also, Charlie Crist is resurrecting himself again, this time as a potential congressman. Bets, anyone?

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