Overheard in Orlando: Disney dads ad, good news for Constitution Green and OCS Pride night

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Disney Dads
A few issues ago we mentioned a photo spot at Epcot that featured what appeared to be a Gay couple and their child.

We received confirmation it wasn’t placed solely during Gay Days, as it still stands there to this day. Despite being very LGBT friendly, Disney wasn’t necessarily known for putting LGBT families in the spotlight as much as it’s done recently.

In a recent online ad for Disney Springs (the rebranded Downtown Disney), a Watermark reader reposted the ad sharing his joy of seeing what appears to be a gay couple and their child sitting down to eat at a restaurant.

Now, a national commercial dubbed the “Family Happens Here” campaign features several diverse families. At the start of the commercial, there’s an image of two hands coming together as they walked: a man in a light green shirt and someone in a pink shirt. Halfway through the commercial, the same two men are seen with their kids. Despite the subtle hints of these LGBT family, we’re happy to see these images becoming the norm. Now, when are we getting a Disney animated film about two princes or two princesses in love & living happily ever after?

Take it or Leaf it
In March we mentioned how environmentalist and District 4 Soil and Water Supervisor Eric Rollings was working alongside City Commissioner Patty Sheehan and Mayor Buddy Dyer were part of a group that were trying to conserve and preserve Constitution Green, a small plot of land in Downtown Orlando.

The area was privately owned and was rumored to be up for sale to a local condo developer.

Through the hard work of all the individuals and the large number of signatures raised, success was reached when Mayor Dyer signed a letter of intent to purchase the land for an estimated $3.4 Million. An additional focus for Eric now is to make Orlando a Foam (container) Free Zone with his NoFoamZone.com campaign.

Orlando City has Winning Balls
One full week before Come Out with Pride, Orlando City Soccer hosted their first ever LGBT Pride night. With a pre-party on Church Street station Soccer fans intermingled with some first timers out to support a Pride event.

The block party at Church Street consisted of restaurant and bars like Hamburger Mary’s to Harry Buffalo opening their doors to the purple clad fans. They offered outdoor bars, a DJ, corn-hole games and special pride theme merchandise for sale.

Quite a few attendants had never been to an Orlando City Game and mainly came to celebrate Pride. The fast paced and exciting game resulted in a 2-1 win for the Orlando City Lions over the Montreal Impact.

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