ALSO Youth starts up 16 and under transgender support group

By : Jeremy Williams
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The teenage years can be tough for any kid, but they can be a life-and-death struggle for a child who identifies as transgender or gender-nonconforming. A Sarasota youth group wants to do something about it.

Advocacy-Leadership-Support-Outreach, better known as ALSO Youth in Sarasota, is starting a peer support group for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth. The group will meet every Thursday, from 5- 6p.m., starting Oct. 1.

“ALSO Youth wants to respond to the great needs of young, gender-nonconforming and trans youth in the Sarasota area, by setting aside an hour for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth to meet and find support among their peers,” ALSO Youth said on their Facebook page.

The group will be for youth ages 13 to 16, but will accommodate for children younger than 13 with parent/guardian approval.

“The group is still in its early stages and will hopefully develop as need is assessed through youth and parent/guardian surveys,” ASLO Youth continued. “In the meantime, we only intend for this time to be a peer-support hour, which is guided and facilitated by ALSO Youth staff and qualified volunteers.”

Young people looking for a trans-specific support group who are above the age range for the Thursday group also have a place to go – ALSO Youth already offers a transgender support group for ages 16+ at ALSO’s center every Saturday.

For more information, visit ALSO Youth’s Facebook page and website at

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