Florida DMV updating vehicle form to reflect marriage ruling

By : Staff Report
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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles wants to change the paperwork for car and boat title transfers from “husband and wife” to “a married couple.”

The proposed change would be to a single check-off box on the form where people can declare why they shouldn’t be subject to sales and use taxes when transferring the ownership of motor vehicles, mobile homes or vessels.

The DMV will go before Gov. Rick Scott and the state Cabinet with the proposed changes Sept. 29.

The DMV is the latest state agency to update forms since same-sex marriage was legalized in Florida last January and across the country by the U.S. Supreme Court this past June.

Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Statistics has gender-neutral marriage licenses which county clerks will began using Oct. 1.

“The forms really haven’t changed, except for a couple of words here and there,” Leon County Clerk of the Courts Bob Inzer said to WTXL-TV. “Other than that, the forms are identically the same as they were before. Again it was just to accommodate, if you will, the change in the law.”

The new marriage license forms will read “spouse” in the two spots previously labeled “bride and groom.”

A similar change will also be made to official divorce forms.

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