Breaking: Georgie’s Alibi will close on Sept. 19

By : Billy Manes
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After an extensive period of speculation and rumor-milling, we’re hearing that famed St. Pete watering hole Georgie’s Alibi will be no more as of Sept. 19.

Our reporter, Aaron Alper, just returned from a phone call with the real estate developer, and it seems that the news is grim. The area’s most notable gay bar will be closing its doors next week so that the plat can be redeveloped into “affordable housing.”

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the rumors are true and Georgie’s Alibi St. Petersburg will cease operations at the close of business on Saturday Sept. 19,” Georgie’s said on their Facebook page. “The real estate and an adjoining parcel have been sold to a developer who plans on building new housing units. We can’t thank the greater St. Petersburg community enough for their support over the past 15 years. Technology and the greater acceptance of alternative lifestyles have impacted the viability of gay venues throughout the country, and The Alibi was not immune to this phenomena. Thank you everyone for 15 wonderful years of memories!”


It may just be the beginning of this kind of LGBT recycling, we’re hearing. Oh, dear. More when we know it.

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  • Bill Kody

    Man great PIZZA. Will be missed!!!

  • Xqueenofthenightx

    This is 1 if 2 places I actually feel comfortable going in town and the other is far too expensive to go to as often. I’m just gonna go cry for a while.

    • Barry Donaldson

      Come to quench. It is a really nice bar and 2 for 1 every night until 9pm. This isn’t an advertisement. I don’t work for the bar. I just love going there.

  • Jim

    This is what you get when you change a good thing and try to cater to the lesbian community. They will now go commandeer Quench or some other gay bar and destroy it.

    • Laura Hall

      jim… why are you blaming lesbians?! sounds to me like a real estate issue, not a consequence of lesbians “commandeering another gay bar”. don’t be such a close-minded misogynist!!

    • Quelle Kel Kelly

      Wow – as a lesbian you really offend me with your misdirected misogynistic anger. My friends and I didn’t even go to Alibi, because it was always nothing but men, especially OLD men. How did they ever “cater to the lesbian community” ? Good to know we lesbians have so much power to “destroy” ! Guess our next target will be dinosaurs like you..

  • Paul Ray

    Although I find this very sad to hear, there a lot of alternatives. Quench for those more northerly, there is PepperZ in Gulfport as well as a host of other mixed bars like Salty’s in Gulfport (yeah I live there and love it and nothing wrong with a good old fashion free adverts). I have been going to Alibi’s since before it was called Alibi’s (New Connection??).
    Anyway, sorry to see it go, have enjoyed the food and the fun on Pride day for years.

    • Gerald Notaro

      And before The New Connection, it was Murph’s!

  • Sandra Greene Rodriguez

    My heart goes out to both us the patrons and the wonderful staff at Georgie’s – you will most certainly be missed and I wish you the best! Thank you for wonderful memories!

  • Homo Erectus

    Farewell old friend!

  • Brian Longstreth

    The employees who help the place together these last difficult years only received a 9 day notice of the closure. Help them out if you can spare a little change!

  • It was the year 2000, me and my husband Jasen moved in together into a
    studio apartment after a year of dating each other. Almost every night,
    and weekend we were going out to Gay bars and clubs. One of our favorite
    spots to go to was Georgie’s Alibi. There was something that was so
    very special about going there compared to other bars and clubs we went
    to. Of course it was always the place we went to for St. Pete Pride
    every year. Many talented DJ’s, and Performers also referred to Drag
    Queens made each night extra special. From karaoke to charity events
    Georgie’s was always the place to be. The Long Island Tea’s were always
    flowing, and the food was good. WaterMark, Hotspots, MC Filmfest, and
    Rainbow411 were always there covering every special event with pictures
    that made us realize just what a FUN place that ALWAYS CROWDED bar was.
    Then finally the Managers, Bartenders, Wait Staff, Cleaning Crew, Cooks,
    Barbacks, and Security making sure anyone who walked thru the front
    doors were always welcome, and loved. Sadly some of our brothers, and
    sisters from our community that died/passed away that use to go to
    Georgie’s will always be greatly missed, and will always, ALWAYS have a
    special place in our hearts. Yes, just like any Gay bar, or club that
    has come, and gone we will always cherish those fond memories. But
    Georgie’s Alibi was one of a kind, and can never be duplicated. Out of
    all the Gay bars and clubs me and Jasen have been to Georgie’s Alibi
    will always be our favorite, and will be greatly missed, and in the
    words of Rihanna “I drink to that!” FINALLY big thanks to the owner
    Georgie. You had a vision where a bar could help ignite a spark in our
    GLBT community and it spread like wildfire thru out Tampa Bay. Thank you
    for your love, vision, and passion and giving a place that we could
    always call home!!! Love Mark-n-Jasen.