Twitter handle @NextToKimDavis has a lot to say about Kentucky clerk

By : Jeremy Williams
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Kim Davis is all over the news as the Kentucky County Clerk who is refusing to issue marriage licenses to any gay couples despite the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in June.

Davis’ actions and refusal to follow the law has put Rowan County and the clerk’s office in the public spotlight, even those not wishing to be a part of the controversy. Namely, Davis’ coworker who was in the shot of reporters as Davis came out and spoke to the gay couple attempting to get a marriage license.

Whether the unnamed co-worker supports Davis or not is unknown but that hasn’t stopped social media from stepping up and meme-ing the blonde lady sitting at the desk.

A Twitter account sprung up with the name @NextToKimDavis and has been tweeting nonstop since the video hit the internet. The profile is a picture of the co-worker and says “I sit next to Kim Davis. This was supposed to just be a chill job. Goddamn it, Kim.”

Here is a sampling of the more than 100 tweets already posted by @NextToKimDavis:









For more tweets and memes, check out @NextToKimDavis on Twitter.

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