Issue 22.18: Keys to the Kingdom

By : Jake Stevens
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Keys to the Kingdom: President George Kalogridis and the quient evolution of the LGBT culture at Walt Disney World, Janine Klein walks into a bar, Nadine Smith walks in to the future, local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 22.18 // Aug. 27-Sept. 7, 2015

On the Cover | Page 27
KEYS TO THE KINGDOM: Walt Disney World President George Kalogridis heralds a (quiet) sea change in the park’s policy toward LGBT employees and an effective evolution in the company’s corporate culture.

Golden Years | Page 33
Comedian-turned-podcast-artist Judy Gold laments the loss of human interaction and the gain of sore texting thumbs. Also, she’s hilarious. “I want to get to know the real person. I am fascinated by people. All people,” she says. For real, then.

Tampa Bay News | Page 12
Equality Florida leader Nadine Smith opens up about her life and her ascent into activism. Also, she turns 50. What?

State News | Page 16
The birth certificate battle heats up as LGBT couples fight in the courts in order to make their voices – and their names – heard.

Homo Erectus: The Evolution of Us | Page 21
How human resources representatives (and other smart business people) are bending toward equality … and how they aren’t. Here are some things to look out for.

Gonna take you to a gay bar, gay bar | Page 39
Janine Klein might have had a drink or two. She also might have been to a gay bar or two. However, none it’s all method acting, really. Our favorite Gay Bar Star opens up (ha!).

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