Watermark is bringing Movies Out Loud to The Abbey and this time it’s Fringey!

By : Jeremy Williams
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ORLANDO | Watermark Media and the Orlando International Fringe Festival are teaming up to resurrect Movies Out Loud for a new audience (and the old one too). The first one will be July 8 and continue on the second Wednesday of each month, but instead of a roaming venue, they have found a permanent home at The Abbey.

“The Abbey has stepped up as sponsor and it really is the perfect location,” said George Wallace, executive director to Fringe, via email.

For those unfamiliar with Movies Out Loud, they pick an over the top, campy, so-bad-it’s-good film to show to a slightly inebriated audience while some of Fringe’s best and brightest verbally destroy the film, like Mystery Science Theater 3000 … only LIVE!

Wallace says Fringe has been looking at incorporating a movie component for a while.

“We’ve discussed different ideas but because of logistics at the actual festival, this was the perfect way to bring movies to Fringe in some way,” he said.

The time and place is set, so now who do they get to host?

“We’d love to have a rotating cast of regulars,” said Wallace. “Rick Claggett [Watermark’s publisher] and myself met and threw some names out and they all have a Fringe connection.”

Fringe has a plethora of stars to choose from who could bring their own special voice to Movies Out Loud.

“I think Logan Donahoo with any horror film would be great,” Wallace said. “I think Pepe with a romantic classic and maybe Michael Wanzie with an old black-and-white. Then there’s Blue with a lesbian prison movie of some sort.”

Can we expect to see George Wallace step up and host?

“I’m up for anything,” Wallace said. “I never met a cheesy Christmas movie I didn’t like, so maybe look for me around December.”

For opening night they have selected a classic (that means cheap and old) for Movies Out Loud and it just so happens to coincide with the film’s 20th anniversary. That film is Showgirls!

Who better to host a movie with skimpy costumes, frisky dancing and licking poles than our own classics, Jeff Jones and Miss Sammy. We asked them about Movies Out Loud via email and what we can hope to see.

WATERMARK: How excited are you that Movies Out Loud is back?

JONES: You’re forcing me to sit with a drag queen and watch a horrible movie that I had to watch against my will before. How do you think I feel? I couldn’t be happier.

MISS SAMMY: Miss Sammy is just PICKLED TINK! Getting together with friends and dissing bad movies is something we all do at home. Now we get to do it in public again and The Abbey serves cocktails, too!

What should people who have never been to one of these expect to see from you?

JONES: I say out loud all of the horrible things you wish you could yell at the screen during a movie. There are so many other story lines in this movie you never knew existed. It’s really more of an education experience.

You are opening Movies Out Loud with the film Showgirls. Why is this movies so near and dear to your heart?

JONES: This movie really does mirror my own life. I’ve traveled to Vegas, danced in a show and fucked Kyle MacLachlan in a pool.

MISS SAMMY: Well, Miss Sammy is one of the ‘most seasoned’ showgirls in town. I’ve made a lot of money over the years sashaying these gams across the stage, and done a lot of things to ‘get the part.’ Though I’ve NEVER pushed anyone down a flight of stairs … that I can remember.

Why didn’t Elizabeth Berkley become a bigger star?

MISS SAMMY: Because she showed her nipples. Girls that show their nipples get put in a “different” category. You won’t see THAT one at the Oscars!

What other movies would you like to see done, and why do you think they are Movies Out Loud qualified?

MISS SAMMY: We’ve done so many horribly funny ones, it’s hard to say. Maybe it’s time for Sharknado, or Tomorrowland, or ANYTHING with Adam Sandler.

JONES: As long as the SyFy Channel makes movies where over-sized marine animals mutate and prey on stupid tourists, Movies Out Loud should exist.

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