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And we can’t stop talking about the many adventures of Josh Eads-Brown/Ginger Minj, we recently received word over Gay Days weekend that Josh was recording a new track with Gay Icon, Comedian and actress Margaret Cho. We reached out to him to see if these rumors were true, he graciously shared a selfie of himself with Margaret. Turns out they were recording at that moment. This just proves you don’t need the crown to come out the big winner! Josh verified more songs were in the works, although not confirmed with Josh we heard another popular LGBT performer’s name being thrown around, Adam Lambert!

For The Birds

Local artist and blogger Brendan O’Connor contacted the DOT about beautifying what has been an eye sore for a number of decades, some weird traffic box that didn’t seem to provide a purpose. As an effort to beautify the Mills area, Brendan was given permission to decorate it and so #PutABirdOnIt was born. Taking a collection and out of his own pocket obtaining a different assortment avian tchotchkes and tiles, Brandon decorated the pole. Sadly, someone was a little unhappy with his artistic expression and fouled everything up. The DOT, without notice to Brendan, removed the decorated box leaving only the tiled pole it was once perched on. When question the DOT said the box was removed because it was too close to the road—remember this box sat there for at least 20 or more years.

Bye, bye bunny?

Sometimes art is an expression of a memory of a loved one, take Patty Sheehan’s tribute to her long time aid Chase Smith. After his passing in 2013, she erected two brightly colored pink rabbits. This was done because Chase would often dress as the Easter Bunny for the local children. One of these festive bunnies, nicknamed Pinky, resides lake side at Lake Como Often decorated by the local neighbors for special events, the bunny was loved and cared for, much like the birds. Unfortunately a small group of neighbors decided to split hares and complain. Despite having gone through all the right channels to get the rabbit installed, Sheehan decided to relocate the 3-foot-tall pink bunny. The neighborhood rallied, getting a petition going and even using plastic chains tied to the rabbit with a sign reading “SAVE OUR BUNNY.” Commissioner Sheehan decided not to relocate the bunny once the petitions were signed. An entire neighborhood beat out the bad apples… err… carrots?

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