Norwegian pop star Tooji comes out as gay with controversial video

By : Staff Report
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Norwegian pop star, Tooji came out via Twitter and a new music video June 8.

The Iranian-born singer, whose real name is Touraj Keshtkar, was first seen competing in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 and had rumors of his sexual orientation flying around.

The controversial video “Father” shows Tooji having sex with a priest in a Christian church while the congregation looks on.

Tooji posted the video on Twitter saying, “My new video Father is Out, and so am I!”

In another video released on YouTube, Tooji says, “It’s time that we put human rights above religion.”

“I always thought that who I loved is my business, but knowing how many young people are struggling with the burden of society’s ignorance, I want to stand out as an example and let my voice be heard for all those voices mute,” he said. “I am gay, and I stand up for my rights, and that is why I made the video Father.”

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