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David Lee-ding the way to new shows

David Lee has been named the new Manager in charge of Show Procurement for the Footlight Theater. This will allow PH to bring in some popular shows from this year’s Fringe Festival, starting with Bubble Gum Party (running Gay Days Weekend). The line-up will also include Field Guide to the Gays (both part 1 and 2!), 1969 Stonewall and Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. David promises more entertainment to be announced. Always an added bonus, ticket admission usually counts for your cover to the club as well, not to mention the cocktail table service you can get during the performance.

A Broken Brink

It seems Brink closed its doors (again), as it will no longer be host to the LGBT community. Just as their numbers were starting to pick up with Chris Pittman promoting & DJ’s like Nick Comis becoming the resident DJ for Fridays, the plug was pulled and Brink flat lined. We’re told Brink will reopen, but catering to the straight crowds in Downtown, we presume due to the lack of straight bars and clubs.

She’s telling us, she’s not going

Spoiler alert to those that don’t frequent social media, Orlando’s Ginger Minj did not take the crown as Season 7’s Drag Superstar. Not to fret, already booked for multiple shows (including overseas), Ginger is basically the Drag Race version of American Idol’s Academy and Grammy award winning Jennifer Hudson who also did not win her respected reality show. Both equally talented and full figured. Friends of Watermark let us know that Ginger was a true lady & was happy that she lost to a talent like Violet. Despite her on-air/stage persona, Violet was a true sweet heart and was giving Ginger a pep talk about the emotional on-air reconnection with her estranged father during the finale. On the lighter side of things, Ginger has just released the music video to her new single, Ooh La La. The video, currently on YouTube features a lot of Orlando faces and is quite the catchy tune!

Gays love to Cruise

On Sunday, June 22nd, The St. Johns River Co. is hosting a Rainbow Cruise down the St. John’s river departing from historic downtown Sanford. The cruise will feature some incredible entertainment like Miss Sammy, comedian Jeff Jones and music by DJ Cap’n Kirk.

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