Watermark’s 2015 Orlando Fringe Reviews: Sissy

By : Jeremy Williams
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Every year there is a show at Fringe that makes you talk. It isn’t necessarily the best or worse the festival has to offer, but it is usually the boldest. That show this year is “Sissy.”

“Sissy” is performed by a group called Kitty Puncher and takes place inside the men’s room on the lower level of the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, yes the actual bathroom.

It begins with a greeting at the restroom door by a man dressed in small, pink clothing with a thick mustache, think Pornstache from Orange is the New Black. He begins by passing out ponchos and name tags (trust me, wear them) and even hands off a few squirt guns to some lucky audience members.

“Start shootin’ when you hear golden shower,” he says. I’m pretty sure it’s just water in them though.

He opens the door and the audience (limited to 10 people per show, thanks fire code!) enters into a sexually charged, extreme version of Hee-Haw. The four “Sissies,” more twinks on speed, come out of the bathroom stalls dancing in masks and bouncing off the walls as they are harassed by Coach BJ, the masochistic conductor in this disturbing symphony.

The show is a sketch comedy where they jump from scene to scene becoming more outrageous with each moment.

This show has everything – marshmallow explosions, Iron-Man pelvis thrusts and a Kardashian bite down striptease. What’s a Kardashian bite down striptease? That’s when you turn all the lights out in a bathroom, save for a single flashlight, and then among lust and sweat, take each other’s clothes off using just your teeth.

“Sissy” is the kind of show some people won’t get into and the kind of show some people will get into too much, but it’s a show you will talk about. The commitment of the actors not breaking character at any of the unbelievable things they do is amazing. I don’t know if I understood what was going on the entire time, but I do know that I must go to see it again.

“Sissy” is playing in the men’s room at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre.

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