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Hitting the G Spot

Well the other heel in the oversized stiletto has dropped and things are now official. As we previously reported from multiple reliable sources, Southern Nights Orlando had shown an interest in purchasing Ybor’s G. Bar. As of Memorial Day weekend, G. Bar will be nothing more than a blurry alcohol-induced memory of years past and will be under new ownership and management as Southern Nights Tampa. Its proposed Grand Re-Opening is Thursday, June 18th. Orlando’s own, Chris “Tadpole” Hannay, will be leaving the city beautiful and taking that dashing smile out to the Bay where he will now work as the new GM of SNT. On Wednesday, June 3, a combination birthday and going away party is scheduled for Chris. Now, only if there was a high-speed train connecting the two cities to make it easier to bar hop.

Spoof in the City

Whenever there’s a standout performance at the Orlando International Fringe Festival, there are always rumors of shows being picked up at local theaters or at least a short run at the Parliament House. This year, rumors are already circulating that the blockbuster Lion Queen & the Naked Go-Go Cub was brought back and re-tooled for a possible attempt to take it to New York as an off-Broadway show. There was another Fringe favorite (spoofing Disney characters as well) that recently opened in New York, Disenchanted, so this could mean Michael Wanzie may have to trade in his trade mark Hawaiian shirts for a thick winter coat.

Knock on Wood

Watermark has been made aware that the Full Moon at Woodstock may finally open its doors after nearly a year since its initial announcement. The goal of the owners is to be fully operational by Gay Days Weekend. There’s a big surprise currently in the works as well, although we’re not allowed to disclose any details. Rumor has it there’s a potential return of a very well-known former Orlando bartender that poured one hell of a stiff drink! Woodstock is currently ironing out those details, so we must remain mum until then.

Minj is the meat of the 3-some!

Warning Spoiler alert.. ah screw it, if you’re really a fan you should know by now! Our very own chain smoking, asthmatic, cross-dresser for Christ, Ginger Minj is now in the top three for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7, along with Pearl and Violet Chachki. From the get-go, Team Watermark has been in full rah-rah mode as part of Team Ginger. The finale is scheduled to air on June 1—Gay Days Week! We wish our hometown girl the best of luck, you’ve made us proud! As always, Hamburger Mary’s and several other venues will be hosting viewing parties to cheer Ginger on.

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