Watermark’s 2015 Orlando Fringe Reviews: Obsessed

By : Jeremy Williams
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Dan Farrentine makes his debut at Orlando Fringe with his one-man show, “Obsessed,” where he plays five characters with one thing in common – obsession.

Farrentine first takes the stage as sin obsessed Pastor Phillips, telling his tales of how the good Lord will rid the world of the evil sinners if they do not repent.

Farrentine then guides us walk through his own Canterbury Tales giving us a 9-year-old girl obsessed with Twilight and One Direction, a good ole boy who thinks everyone’s a little bit racist and a Fringe fan obsessed with, well Fringe.

It’s the final character that is the real emotion of the show. Farrentine comes out with no costume, no make-up and as himself tells his story of living in the closet and being obsessed with discovering his own gayness.

Farrentine puts on a great debut with a show that examines how no matter the differences we have we all share one singular trait, we obsess.

“Obsessed” is playing at the Purple Venue at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre.

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