Christian game developer creates anti-LGBT shooter game

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A Christian video game developer launched an anti-LGBT, first-person shooter game on the gaming website Steam on May 4 before having it pulled down several hours later.

Randall Herman, a failed Christian shoe promoter, and Skateboarder, a California-based game developer, created and released Kill The Faggot, an online video game that awards points for shooting gay and transgender people as they run through a city street.

The game was launched on Steam’s Greenlight program, a service that allows game developers to submit their work to be tested by the gaming community.

“Before its removal from Greenlight, games critic Jim Sterling downloaded and tested the game,” reported Ars Technica, a publication devoted to technology that caters to what they call alpha geeks. Sterling then uploaded the game play to YouTube.

“The game makes very clear that its goal is to shoot and kill gay people (with liberal use of the pejorative F-word in the game’s title, at that),” the article said. “Players get points for killing gay people—more points if the person killed is transgender—and they lose points for any straight people they kill.”

Before the game was removed, many people posted comments calling on the website to implicate a more rigorous filter and/or monitoring system. Currently, anyone can upload a game they are developing by simply paying the $100 fee.

Herman posted a link to the free game on his website, Skaldic Games, after Steam removed it, along with an explanation as to why he created it.

“These people that think if you are even remotely homophobic, you are ‘hateful’ and a ‘bigot,’ and do everything they can to destroy you in every vicious way possible,” Herman wrote. “So I decided to go down a path that most developers are afraid to go down: to piss these people off by making the most overly offensive game possible to these idiots to prove a point.”

Ars Technica added that “in addition to the game, app, music and skateboarding projects listed on Herman’s personal site, [he developed] another project with his full name and likeness attached – Devotor Footwear.”

“Herman, who rode a skateboard while wearing Devotor shoes in the site’s primary YouTube video, launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 with one goal in mind, to promote the words and teachings of Jesus Christ through quality footwear.”

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