The Iceman cometh out in new X-Men comics

By : Staff Report
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Iceman, one of the original team members from Marvel’s X-Men, has come out as gay.

Iceman, also known as Bobby Drake, is pulled out of the closet, according to leaked pages from the April 22 issue of All-New X-Men #40, by fellow X-Men, Jean Grey.

The pages, which were uploaded onto Tumblr and then later removed, depict a scene of Jean Grey reading Iceman’s mind and discovering that he is gay. After a back-and-forth conversation, he accepts the fact that he has been outted and Jean Grey tells him no one will care.

The newly published X-Men series follows the original five X-Men time traveling to the present and fighting alongside new members of the team.

Marvel has been trying to diversify the comic universe over the last several years which has been seen in the past as very male, white and straight. Along with Iceman, the X-Men series has featured a gay wedding, as well has the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is of black Hispanic descent and Thor was made into a female character.

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