Transgender homecoming king takes his own life

By : Staff Report
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Blake Brockington, a transgender activist, died of an apparent suicide on March 23 in Charlotte where he was a freshman at the University of North Carolina.

Brockington received public attention last year when he became the first openly transgender homecoming king in the nation at East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte.

Open about his gender struggle since his sophomore year in high school, Brockington had moved in with a foster family after he was rejected by his own.

Transgender teen suicide has gotten some national attention lately. 17-year-old trans teen Leelah Alcorn’s suicide made headlines in Dec. 2014. Alcorn pre-set her suicide note to post to Tumblr after she took her own life. The note called for the world to “fix society”.”

Brockington was 18 years old.

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