‘Tampa Bay Times’ names Bondi ‘Loser of 2014’

By : Staff Report
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Despite winning a re-election campaign by an incredibly large margin in November, Pam Bondi is still the Loser of 2014, according to the political blog “The Buzz,” published by the Tampa Bay Times.

In its Dec. 28 edition, the column offered up its weekly winners and losers selections—but this time it went with a year-end theme.

“Put aside the unseemly junkets funded by groups seeking to influence her,” the column reads. “Bondi’s clumsy communication skills and relentless defense of Florida’s gay marriage ban have made her a modern-day Anita Bryant.”

Bryant, of course, was the 1970s beauty queen who rallied against gays and lesbians adopting and was famously struck with a pie during a press event.

The column continues with, “Antagonizing Florida’s gay voters over same-sex marriage and Hispanic voters over immigration reform ensures Bondi has a bright political future ahead of her — if she moves to Mississippi.”

Also listed as a Loser of 2014 is Orlando attorney John Morgan, who spearheaded the 2014 medical marijuana initiative that failed to pass with 60% of the vote. That and the support he gave former Governor Charlie Crist’s failed gubernatorial campaign were both cited as reasons behind the selection.

The Winners of 2014, incidentally, were former governor Jeb Bush, who has recently discussed a possibility of a 2016 presidential campaign. The Times named Rick Scott as runner-up in this category for turning Crist into a three-time statewide election loser.

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