Santa Claus is gay. Deal with it.

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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A new documentary called “I Am Santa Claus” gives a peak into the lives of five Santa impersonators when it’s not the “most wonderful time of the year”—and one of the Santas is gay.

Jim Stevenson, in his 70s, is a Santa impersonator from Texas. Beard, who says he loves being Santa because he doesn’t have kids and it allows him the chance to give back. The documentary features shots of Stevenson spending time with his boyfriend and the couple sharing a kiss. 

“I personally never have had a problem with a straight person about being gay and being Santa,” Stevenson says in the documentary. “I’ve never been admonished for that. I’ve never been questioned. I’ve never — it’s just never come up.”

The documentary touches on how Santa can be anyone who can supply the famous white beard and some holiday cheer. But not everybody feels that way when it comes to Santa being gay.

The mall Santa community doesn’t seem too jolly about Santa Claus being gay with people on social media speaking out, many including homophobic slurs in their posts.

One YouTube comment:

“So, Santa Fag makes his film debut? How disgraceful! We, as a society, have become TOO accepting of immoral lifestyles. Fags need to be shamed not paraded around.”

The documentary also features a swinger Santa who likes to visit sex clubs, who has also been attacked via social media as not worthy to fill the shoes of Ol’ Saint Nick.


The documentary which received a 3½-star rating out of five on Netflix, was executive produced by the host of CNN’s Original Series “Inside Man” Morgan Spurlock.

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