Gulfport unanimously passes resolution supporting same-sex marriage

By : Staff Report
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Gulfport – With a 5-0 vote, the City of Gulfport passed a resolution supporting same-sex marriage.

The resolution, drafted by council member Yolanda Roman, says Gulfport supports changing state laws that ban same-sex marriage.

This is another landmark move for the LGBT community in Gulfport. The city already has a human rights ordinance in place and was one of the first cities within Pinellas County to implement a domestic partner registry.

Mayor Sam Henderson showed his full support for marriage equality at a previous City Council meeting in August, but wasn’t sure if a formal letter from the council was needed. The City Council members voted 3-2 allow for a resolution to be drafted.

Roman presented the resolution draft Aug. 19, and it passed Sept. 2 unanimously.

The Gulfport City Council plans to send a copy of the resolution to Governor Rick Scott’s office, plus other state and federal officials.

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