New Gallup poll says LGBT Americans report lower ‘well-being’ compared to non-LGBT individuals

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It seems that LGBT Americans might have lower well-being than Americans who don’t identify as LGBT.

Gallup-Healthways released results from a poll that measured Americans according to a Well-Being Index. The poll scores individuals on how well they’re thriving socially, financially, physically, community-wise and purpose-wise, all things that assist in their daily lives.

The poll scored LGBTs at a Well-Being Index of 58, while non-LGBT individuals scored a 62. The difference between the two groups was discovered after taking into account gender, age, race and other determining factors. It even showed that LGBT women and men, when scored by gender, scored lower than non-LGBT women and men.

The report also stated 35 percent of LGBT adults are socially thriving, compared to 41 percent of non-LGBT individuals, and LGBT Americans also are 10 percentage points lower than non-LGBT people when it comes to being financially sufficient.

The survey also concludes that LGBTs are more likely than non-LGBTs to be uninsured.

Even though the percentage of LGBT adults without health insurance has decreased significantly since the Affordable Care Act, the percentage of LGBT Americans struggling to afford health care or medicine is 25 percent compare to only 17 percent of non-LGBTs. Twenty-nine percent LGBT women lack a personal doctor compared to 16 percent of non-LGBT women.

To view the complete poll and results, click here.

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