Marriage equality would mean big bucks for Florida

By : Staff Report
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Should same sex marriage be legalized, Florida stands to gain more than $182 million over the next three years. That economic boost would mean more than $12 million in tax revenue for the state.

That’s according to a new study from The Williams Institute.

The study predicts that nearly 25,000 of Florida’s same-sex couples would choose to marry in their home state over the next three years, should Florida’s ban on gay marriage be lifted. That’s 50 percent of the state’s same-sex couples, according to U.S. Census data.

If each couple spends an average $5,722 per wedding, over three years, that equals nearly $140 million.

The study also takes into account visiting wedding guests. If each wedding has 16 out-of-state guests, who spend about $100, they’ll generate another $42 million for Florida.

The study also determines that new spending generated by same-sex couples’ weddings could create an additional 875 to 2,626 jobs for Florida residents.

The study does not take into account same-sex couples living out-of-state who would choose to wed in Florida – those couples would generate an even larger economic gain.

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  • Mark Ferguson

    I been saying this for years, and I know, I know, and I KNOW that all Floridians Gay, and Straight would greatly benefit from Marriage Equality. So to all you Anita Bryant’s, Ronda Storms, Rick Scott’s, and Pam Bondi’s out there …..WAKE UP, AND SMELL THE MONEY!!!!