Second reading for Chapter 57 transgender protections

By : Staff Report
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A second reading for changes to Chapter 57 to include identity and expression in the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance is scheduled for Aug. 11.

The changes to the ordinance passed unanimously on its first reading on July 28, where many showed up to support the inclusion of transgender protections.

“By passing this protection you are truly saving lives,” said Gina Duncan, transgender inclusion director with Equality Florida. “Within the transgender community, there will be one more person who will not lose their livelihood; there will be one more person who will not lose their ability to provide for their families and who will not decide to take their own live.”

District 4 City Commissioner Patty Sheehan was present at the meeting for the first reading, along with Democratic State Rep. Joe Saunders and founder of Orlando Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Committee Michael Slaymaker, who also spoke in support of the protections.

“In the near future I truly believe that being transgender will have no more significance than being left-handed or having blue eyes because after all we were all born that way,” Duncan said.

The Aug. 11 City Council meeting begins at 2 p.m.

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