Jacobs weighs in on marriage equality

By : Tom Dyer
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A Monroe County circuit court judge recently declared Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Four more cases are pending, including one in Miami-Dade. With the issue front-and-center in the state, activists on both side of the issue have sought the opinion of Central Florida’s most powerful elected official, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. Watermark requested an interview with Mayor Jacobs, which has been promised in the near future. This afternoon, Mayor Jacobs released this exclusive statement to Watermark publisher Tom Dyer.

Our country was founded on certain core values, chief among them equality and religious freedom. Therefore, I am glad the question of Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage is before the courts to determine if it denies same-sex couples equal rights and protections under the law. Although, as mayor, I have no jurisdiction on this issue, I have read the Miami-Dade lawsuit and believe that a very strong case was made.

Regardless of the decision of the court, I hope that religious institutions will continue to have the freedom to define marriage according to their own doctrines. Protecting the right to practice one’s religion without interference from government is an equally important cornerstone of our free nation.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs

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  • Michael Davis

    “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  • Danny Humphress

    Perfectly said, Michael!

  • EDinMCO

    Is it possible to be bitterly disappointed but not at all surprised?

  • Mark

    Mayor Jacobs signs my paycheck – so my opinion has that perspective attached. It’s clear to me she has bigger fish to fry than being mayor and a Republican base to play to. For me, her non-statement is disappointing, but not surprising at all. It’s what I would have expected from her. When the Supreme Court gives us the green light down the road – she can at tell her base she was clearly on their side all along.

  • Ullrich Braun

    Political doublespeak at its best.

  • Randy

    Mayor Jacobs is not a friend of our community. Yes she likes to hang out with us socially, and she sheds tears at gay events. But at the end of the day her political future is more important to her than our civil rights. I hope people remember her bigotry when she decides to run for Governor or Senator in a few years.