Pulse Orlando celebrates 10th anniversary

By : Christal Hayes
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Pulse is marking a decade in business.

The gay-centric bar, located on Orange Avenue, is hosting a week-long celebration through July 19.

Barbara Poma, one of the founders and owners of the nightclub said, “It honestly seems like yesterday,” when recalling the club’s opening night.

After Poma’s brother died battling HIV, she and friend Ron Legler founded the nightclub in 2004 in an effort to keep her brother’s spirit alive.

Poma and her brother, John, grew up in a strict Italian family where being gay was frowned upon.

“When John came out to his family and friends, the family dynamic transitioned from a culture of strict tradition to one of acceptance and love,” Pulse’s website reads.
Poma grew up going to gay clubs with her brother, so after he passed it seemed only right to name the venture after him. Poma and Legler created the name Pulse after John’s heartbeat, which reverberates through the bass extended throughout the club.

“We’ve done our best to give back to the LGBT community,” Poma said. “We’ve had many fundraisers and helped raise money for organizations.”

According to Pulse’s website their charitable works have benefited Equal at UCF, Make A Wish, Zebra Coalition, Equality Florida, Out4Immigration, Miracle of Love, Hope, The Gathering Center, Come Out With Pride and Gay Games Orlando 2018.

Poma said that Pulse will continue on its current path for foreseeable future. No expansions are scheduled but renovations are never out of the question.
“Every couple of years we renovate the club to keep things fresh,” Poma said.

Poma said she couldn’t be happier with her decision to create Pulse with Legler and said it really makes her proud.

“Pulse has changed my life in more ways than I thought it would,” Poma said.

The celebration will start on Thursday, July 17 and extend through Saturday.

Rose from the hit show “The L Word” will appear for Turnout Thursday July 17, hosted by Angelica Sanchez and presented by East Coast Eden. Platinum Friday July 18 will be hosted by Chyna Doll Dupree, Jasmine International, Jasmine Bonet, Angelica Sanchez and Chavelle Brooks. Pulse transformed into a Latin hotspot Coquito Saturday July 19, starring Jasmine International, Jessica Wild, Lisa Lane and Chavelle Brooks.

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