Florida’s AG Pam Bondi files to intervene on marriage equality lawsuits

By : Staff Report
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Tallahassee – Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is not giving up when it comes to defending the ban of same-sex marriages in Florida. Bondi filed two separate motions—one against a lawsuit in the Miami-Dade circuit court and the other in the Monroe circuit court—tointervene in lawsuits June 24, which is an addition to her already representing the state against a federal lawsuit filed in North Florida.

Bondi has been under heavy criticism lately in regards to the issue of gay marriage. In an early motion, her office said that the overturning of the state’s ban would significantly affect already existing laws on marriage and cause “public harm.”

Florida Solicitor General Allen Winsor stated in the motions that because both lawsuits challenge the 2008 constitutional amendment that bans recognition of same-sex marriages and was voted on by a large majority, the state has a legitimate interest in intervening in both cases.

While Bondi’s opposition to marriage equality isn’t news to those fighting for it, her stance to vigorously defend Florida’s position is disappointing.

“It is disappointing that at a time when attorneys general and governors across the country are refusing to defend these discriminatory marriage bans, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has decided to pour state resources into defending the indefensible,” said Equality Florida CEO Nadine Smith in a statement. “In decisions by judges appointed by both Democrats and Republicans, court after court has determined that barring loving same sex couples from marriage is unconstitutional, and we look forward to hearing from Florida’s courts in the near future. This latest development shows just how out of touch Pam Bondi and the Rick Scott administration are with the majority of Florida voters.”

One of the two lawsuits that Bondi filed a motion to intervene in was filed back in January on behalf of Equality Florida Institute Inc. and six gay couples in Miami-Dade. The lawsuit claims that the ban violates the U.S. Constitution’sguarantee of equal protection. Court date is set for July 2.


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  • teila

    Pam Bondi; tying up Florida resources to protect my family and I from “harm”? There is far more important work she can do to benefit Florida instead of attacking the state’s citizenry. Who is she protecting? Me? I am not offended at two persons of the same sex loving each other. I am not offended at two persons of different ethnicity, religion, or skin colour from interacting, dating, or marrying. Why should I be? It does not “harm” me, my neighbors or my children. It neither does “harm” to my marriage, change the way love, nor does it affect my psyche. Ultimately, government shouldn’t be in the business of certifying one type of personal relationship over another. Whether we personally agree with the relationship of others, should not be a consequence to another American’s liberty and basic freedom.

    Pam Bondi’s actions cost Floridians time and money that can be better spent on topics that actually affect me, as opposed to taking a personal stance that only appeases bigots and perpetuates prejudices. The elephant in the room and a testament to this country’s deeply rooted bigotry, is that the Federal Government sat on its hands this long on a basic “rights” issue that is basic enough, that it should’ve been quickly and effortlessly decided decades ago on a Federal level.

    The fact that sates have to mull over this issue is a black eye on the United States of America, and a kick-in-the-teeth to every Military Veteran who has actually fought to uphold the true American spirt of “Liberty, and Justice for All”… unlike those who just just tongue wag about it on Memorial Day.

    A declination of church membership is a hard reality here in the South and across the nation; it’s no wonder. The younger generation wants fellowship, warmth, a sense of belonging, inclusion of the fellow man; respect. The younger generation is less interested in joining ‘Club Bigot’ that meets on Sunday and Wednesday. The younger generation is the future, and in the case of our rights, basic human rights…

    Thank God for that.