Overheard in Orlando: Save the Last Dance

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So Uber Gay!
Forget Grindr, Scruff and those other “social apps.” The app everyone was talking about Gay Days weekend was “Uber!” The app is a ride sharing service founded in 2009 and serves 70 cities. The app allows users to turn their vehicle into a paid mode of transportation or find alternative transportation. The app conveniently launched in Orlando during Gay Days weekend and offered a free service for the first part of the month. Uber claims it averages 36% cheaper than standard taxi rides. Many revelers took advantage of this service, especially bouncing to and from the pool parties at all hours since it is available 24 hours a day. Uber has been very popular in major cities, so much that many cab companies have felt threatened by loss of service and have asked their local politicians to ban the service. The app also uses GPS to allow you to track your transportation and offers a photo of the vehicle and the driver.

On June 9 Mayor Joe Boles of St. Augustine and the city council proclaimed GayStAugustine.com as an official ally for their 450th Commemoration. The site is a local community website created by a Emery McClune as a resource for LGBT visitors and locals, providing local events content & LGBT friendly lodging and dining options. It’s grass root groups like this have progressed small cities well beyond their larger counterparts in highlighting the importance of equal rights and the power of the LGBT dollar. It makes us wonder, could the oldest city in America become a new LGBT hot spot?

Let’s Dance the last Dance
Johnny Chisholm’s Magic Journeys at Arabian Nights was a long time part of One Mighty Weekend roster and typically, it was the nightcap to hours of partying for many Circuit Party crowds attending Gay Days. With Arabian Nights closing its doors back in 2013 many were surprised to see the event still listed. The June celebration was the last hurrah for the venue and the building is no longer be available for special events. Will there be another after-hours party venue next year? Medieval times may be a viable option to party the knight away!

Long Lines for an Amazing Race
Blake Mcentyre and partner Daniel Giaquinto of the House of Health recently auditioned for the CBS reality show The Amazing Race, now going on its 24th season! The auditions were held on June 14 at the Fun Spot Orlando. Despite the heat and inevitable traditional Florida afternoon thunderstorms, the pair waited through the extremely long lines and made it past the first part of the auditions. If picked, their globe-trotting quest, which features both puzzles and physical challenges, will film for four long weeks sometime in 2015 as they are pitted against other teams competing to win a million bucks!

Here’s a shameless plug, because we can
Watermark Media has the honor to work with the Hope and Help Center in creating the 25th Anniversary commemorative program for the Headdress Ball. This year’s event is billed as their biggest headdress to date. Watermark was also recently nominated as a contender for “Best Publication” on the Orlando Weekly’s Best Of contest. We’ve earned enough votes to get us through the 2nd and final round. Voting recently closed on their website and winners will be announced on July 30.

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