Allstate’s new ad says LGBTs are safe in their hands

By : Staff Report
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It seems Allstate is following suit like many other companies (i.e. like Honey Maid) with releasing an LGBT-inclusive ad campaign. The commercial titled “Safe In My Hands” was released as part of Allstate’s 2014 #OutHoldingHands Pride Month initiative.

The ad uses a unique analogy between being gay and the main guy character having an oversized hand which makes him stand out and disliked by other because he is different. The ad uses the song by Eli Lieb — “Safe In My Hands,” like the name of the commercial — as the soundtrack of the man’s struggle to hide being different.

It isn’t until the end of the ad does the main character find another “big-handed” guy like himself and then doesn’t find the need to hide who he is. The ad then ends on a positive note with the message:

“Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable. Everyone deserves to be in good hands.”

The campaign has also taken to Twitter and Instagram, asking users to submit photos of themselves “showing affection out in public” and include the hashtag “#OutHoldingHands.”

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