Come Out with Pride Orlando reveals theme and new events

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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Orlando – In front of the backdrop of downtown Orlando, Come Out With Pride organizers unveiled a social media-inspired theme and a schedule of events for this coming October at a high-in-the-sky launch party on the 11th floor patio of The Plaza building.

The 2014 theme is “#IAMPRIDE,” and the production team hopes to build up the online presence of the event from now until Oct. 6 – 12, the week of COWP events. It’s the 10th anniversary of COWP.

“Orlando is an extremely diverse LGBT community,” said Mikael Audebert, executive director and senior executive producer of COWP. “We want to showcase the LGBT community of 10 years ago and the LGBT community here of today.”

Audebert spoke to a crowd of about 50 members of the LGBT community at the launch party May 29. Miss Sammy hosted, the Orlando Repertory Theatre’s Power Chords performed and DJ Scott provided music.

“We’re going to focus on the people this year, showcasing the individuals and the diverse community,” Audeert said. “We’re going to look back on Pride with Orlando and pride with LGBT Orlando and we are going to bring to the front all the good things about the LGBT community.”

He said he wants COWP to become a destination event, drawing people from outside of Central Florida.

Should visitors travel to Orlando for COWP, they’ll find a four-part concert series, featuring Lil’ Kim as one of the performers, sponsored by XL 106.7. The Opening Ceremony will be held at the History Museum near Wall Street, bringing COWP back to the origin of the event to reflect on the last 10 years and the Orlando Pride’s growth.

2013 Pride will also feature a family zone at the main event, plus a variety of events leading up to parade day. A comedy night will be hosted on Oct. 8, and the annual visit to Halloween Horror Nights with Come Out with Pride is set for Oct. 9. The popular Friday block party is moving to the Lake Ivanhoe area in front of the Hammered Lamb. One new aspect will be the addition October 11 of Club Hs0—a huge dance party on the International Bridge at Lake Eola before everyone is shuttled to the Parliament House for the night activities.

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