Watermark’s 2014 Orlando Fringe Reviews: Keith Brown: Exchange

By : Veronica Brezina
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2011 London Fringe Impresario Award-winner and magician, Keith Brown is making his first appearance at the Orlando Fringe this year with his show Keith Brown: Exchange.

Brown makes you part of his act by asking you questions or even bringing you on stage.

His charming and trustful personality lures all your attention to him. And no, he doesn’t try to pull a rabbit out of his hat but he instead swallows sewing needles and a thread, which he slowly (and by the looks of it painfully) pulls out a long thread of needles from his mouth with help from a member in the audience.

During the show, Brown explains to the audience that one of the techniques he uses is called mnemonics, which is a tool to help remember information. This can be it used to remember a song, image, rhyme or phrase.

Brown is skilled at what he does and puts humor in the magical performance. The Mysterious Brown is performing in none other than the Brown Venue.

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