Former Full Moon Saloon to be renovated, reopened as Woodstock

By : Jamie Hyman
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Orlando – An Orlando gay nightclub is being resurrected after being shuttered for seven years.

Kevin Naylor and Darryl Sheppard are the new co-owners of the building that used to house the Full Moon Saloon, a popular bear bar located near Parliament House Resort that closed in 2007. They’re renovating the building and the two acres of property, then reopening the establishment as Woodstock.
Naylor said they’ve been renting the building from a private owner since February of this year.

“We went in and cleared the two acres off in the back and we’re rebuilding the building from the ground up,” he said. “The original building built in 1915 and has some historical value and we didn’t want to trash it.”

Going along with the Woodstock theme, Naylor said they’ll be a musical venue featuring local and visiting acts.

Sheppard added that they also want to reflect Woodstock’s values of inclusiveness.

“We are gay owned and operated, we are a gay bar, but we want to attract some of the straight crowd as well,” he said, adding that the décor will be inviting and colorful.

Renovation plans include a facelift for the building’s exterior, a dance floor, bars and a big emphasis on the outdoor space. Sheppard said they’re planning on cabanas, a stage to host musical acts and maybe some water features and a volleyball court.

“We’ll also offer food, so you can eat and hang out,” he said. “Food music friends, that’s really the recipe to life.”

Naylor said they’ve received positive reactions to their plans from the community and Woodstock’s neighbors.

“Everyone is excited,” he said. “Parliament House is supportive. [PH owner] Don [Granatstein] came over and said ‘congratulations’ and ‘welcome to the neighborhood.’”

Naylor and Sheppard said the original goal was to be open and running by Gay Days weekend.

“That’s the goal but I have a feeling we’re not going to reach it,” Naylor said. “We’re having some issues with the permitting and the city.”

Sheppard said he thinks they’ll be ready for at least a soft opening by Gay Days.

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