Tampa couple weds in Castor’s Washington office

By : Staff Report
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Washington, D.C. – After seven years as a couple, Tampa residents Keith Bucklew and Mark Anderson decided it was time to get married. There was only one problem—their home state of Florida doesn’t yet recognize marriage equality.

So rather than wait for the Sunshine State to catch up to the trend of inclusion, the couple traveled to Washington, D.C. after they were invited by U.S. Rep Kathy Castor to use her office for a ceremony.
The nation’s capitol recognizes same-sex marriages.

“We were happy and honored to welcome Mark and Keith to my office in Washington for their special occasion,” Rep. Castor said.

District Court Judge Susan C. Bucklew, Keith’s sister-in-law, traveled from Florida to perform the ceremony.

“When same-sex couples wed in states (or the district) where their marriage is legally recognized—even if they reside in a non-recognition state—they qualify for the same federal benefits that all married couples have enjoyed,” Castor said. “Hopefully, Florida law and the state constitution will soon recognize marriage equality. Last year’s court ruling on DOMA was an important step, but a patchwork of laws exists on the state level.”

Anderson is a retired engineer who now serves on the Equality Florida board and Bucklew is the owner of an architectural and interior design business.

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