Overheard in Tampa Bay: Oldest lesbian bar in Florida shuts down

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More room to dance at Georgie’s
During a recent Sunday afternoon at Georgie’s Alibi, patrons noticed that the popular dance area was partitioned off, and sounds of hammers, saws and loud construction wafted through the walls. That’s because the entire dance floor area of the popular St. Petersburg bar has been renovated, providing more space for us to shake our groove things. (For all you kids, that means dance!) The renovation allows for the space to be separated from the sports bar for special events, but also allows for a more club feel. During a meeting with the club’s management, Watermark learned that its Watermark Wednesday event, scheduled for Jan. 22, will be the first official event in the newly renovated space. That free networking event, by the way, is hosted by Watermark’s Steve Blanchard and Bill Jeffries, benefits the Tampa Bay bears, is free to attend and runs from 6-8 p.m.

Stevens goes exclusive
It’s shaping up to be a big year for Kori Stevens. The popular entertainer ended 2013 with a WAVE-Award as Tampa Bay’s favorite drag performer. Now, she is under exclusive contract with Georgie’s Alibi to only perform at that bar in Pinellas County. Stevens shared the announcement on her Facebook page, as well as announcing that Georgie’s now offers happy hour 7-days a week. But don’t look for drink chips. Those are so last year. Stevens will appear at the club five days a week. Follow her on Facebook to find out what events happen on what nights.

Pride eats, again
It’s time to start planning for St. Pete Pride’s annual Taste of Pride event! The celebration of all things tasty returns to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg on Saturday, March 15, at 7 p.m. Organizers expect more than 500 people at this year’s spread of catered goodies from a growing list of caterers, restaurants and more. The courtyard will be open to attendees, as well as the galleries in the expansive space. Tickets also include an open bar to accompany the food. Tickets are available at StPetePride.com.

Hideaway no more
The oldest lesbian bar in the state shuttered its doors on Jan. 13, ending an era of more than 20 years on St. Petersburg’s Fourth Street. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the bar is done. The Hideaway, and it’s neighboring boy bar, Haymarket Pub, went out with big bashes and announced that while the land and buildings may have been sold, the spirit of the bars could keep the party alive at a different location. That location, however, has yet to be announced. Facebook pages for both of the hot spots hint at a resurrection in the future, and the faithful seem to be ready to support the renaissance whenever and wherever it may appear.

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