Issue 2017: Jami Gee

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Embracing Jami: After decades as a male rocker, Sarasota’s Jami Gee redefines herself, and her career, Pinellas County enters transgender protections debate, Lake County votes to end GSA debate, local news, celebrity interviews, and much much more!

Watermark Issue 20.17// Aug. 15-28, 2013

On the Cover: Sarasota guitarist and musician Jami Gee is photographed at Bayfront Park in Sarasota. Page 33. Photo by Jake Stevens

Page 14 | Orlando News
Come Out With Pride has announced its 2013 headliners, and they include Steve Grand, who’s All American Boy video skyrocketed on YouTube in July; Rollins College is the proud new owner of it’s very own hotel, which is overseen by a lesbian; more.

Page 18 | Tampa Bay News
As St. Petersburg residents head to the polls for the Aug. 27 Primary, city council candidates Amy Foster and Darden Rice are poised to make history; Pinellas County will debate whether or not to include transgender protections in its human rights ordinance.

Page 22 | State News
Broward Sheriff’s deputies have charged porn star “Joshua Logan,” AKA, John Snavely, with the 2010 murder of south Florida businessman Sam Del Brocco; Alan Greyson joins 90 other Florida lawmakers in expressing concern over Russia’s anti-gay laws and the upcoming Olympics; more.

Page 54 | Gallery W
With part of the Defense of Marriage Act repealed and Proposition 8 in California in the history books, a local photographer brings a new perspective to the fight for equality. Using nude models, Les Jinques puts a new spin on the iconic red and pink equality symbol.

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